Family Caregivers

Are you concerned about  someone’s driving? Do you know someone recently disabled or elderly who is unsure if they should still drive?

If you know or are taking care of someone who may be unsafe to drive, you must approach the situation in a careful and considerate way. We have compiled the following information to help you address the issue with preparedness and compassion.

Five Steps to Approach a Loved One About Unsafe Driving:

1. Know what to look out for: See the Senior Driver Safety Checkup for information on “red flags” for diminishing driver safety.

2. Have your facts straight before you talk: Click here to read about Massachusetts driving laws and medical conditions.

3. Start the conversation: Although it can be an uncomfortable topic, introducing the idea of a driving evaluation and addressing driver safety could prevent a fatal accident.  Check out We Need to Talk About Driver Safety , a PDF from The for information on how to discuss driving concerns with loved ones, and who in the family should be the one to initiate the conversation.

You can always contact Driving Solutions for a free phone consultation before you bring up the issue with your loved one. This will allow you to discuss the best way to start the conversation depending on the individual and the situation with a trained professional. Fill out the contact form on the right or call (508)878-9583.

4. Support your argument: Make sure you can answer the questions on this family and friend questionnaire when you begin the conversation with the driver and when you reach out to Driving Solutions about the possibility of a driving evaluation.

5. Set up a driving evaluation:Although unsafe driving may be an uncomfortable subject, these ongoing conversations over time will help older adults weigh decisions and agree to drive less, avoid certain road conditions or stop driving.

Need a professional and confidential driver safety evaluation

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