At Driving Solutions, driver safety is our number one priority. 
We believe that you should continue to drive, as long as you are safe to do so. 

Driving Solutions Driver Saftey ProgramAlthough it may feel like second nature, driving is a skill that can fade.

A driver may not be aware that he or she has become an unsafe driver. That is when a driver evaluation is  needed; to provide an objective and informed third party opinion . Whether the reason is aging, a medical condition, mental health issue or unexplained driving incidents, if you question the driving ability of someone in Massachusetts, speak to a  Driving Solutions driver safety consultant today.

What is Driving Solutions Driver Safety Program? 

The Driving Solutions driver safety program evaluates the physical, visual and cognitive capabilities of a current driver. Our goal is to keep Massachusetts roadways safe by providing a comprehensive, personalized and objective driver evaluation.

We will send a skilled Occupational Therapy (OT) driver safety consultant to any location in eastern Massachusetts to evaluate and consult with the driver and their loved ones.

Why choose Driving Solutions?

Our OT driver safety consultants not only provide comprehensive driver evaluations but  also provide the means to address an uncomfortable situation with a loved one. Driving is an activity that is integrated into the fabric of our with our lives and frequently enables participation in important life roles. To retire from driving calls for a significant life adjustment, which can be extremely difficult to adapt to and accept.

Because Massachusetts is a self-reporting state regarding medical conditions and driving, each driver is responsible for his or her own safety on the road . However  it is typically a family member or medical professional who will raise the question about a driver’s safety. A driver evaluation is the best way to determine if a medical condition interferes with a driver’s safety behind the wheel.

Whatever the outcome, the driver will be informed of the results of the evaluation  in a thoughtful and compassionate manner by a professional Occupational Therapist skilled in driver rehabilitation.

Need a professional and confidential driver safety evaluation

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